4th-11th May 2005


Sierra de Gredos



Alvaraz Lagoons

Puerto de Navacerrada

Monfrague National Park (part 2)

Down at Peña Falcon, a pair of Blue Rock Thrush were busy feeding their young...

male Blue Rock Thrush (Montacilla solitarius)

female Blue Rock Thrush (Montacilla solitarius) with a young Ocellated Lizard

While watching the Blue Rock Thrushes, both Serin and Rock Bunting briefly landed close-by...

Serin (Serinus serinus)

Rock Bunting (Emberiza cia)

The woodland below the castle is quite good for Hawfinches.

Hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes)

Male Spanish Sparrow (Passer hispaniolensis)

And once the temperatures reduced the bird activity to practically nil, I amused myself with photographing the abundant insect life.

The Lackey (Malacosoma neustria)

Monfrague (part 1) Trujillo