11th-18th May 2006


Situated in the Aegean Sea only a stone's throw away from the Turkish coast, the Greek island of Lesvos is a popular tourist destination for those seeking a relaxing beach holiday with almost guaranteed warm weather.  The abundance of cheap charter flights to the island also make it an attractive destination for birders during the spring migration season.

Cretzschmar's Bunting (Emberiza caesia)

Below is a rough, hand-drawn, clickable map of all the places I visited on this trip. Each link will take you to a page outlining the key points of interest and illustrated with photos taken at that location. Some places were obviously better for photography than others and this is reflected in the number of photos on each page.

1. Kalloni Saltpans

5. Napi Valley

2. Kalloni Upper East River

6. Achladeri

3. Petra

7. Parakila

4. Petra Reservoir

8. Ipsilou Monastery


Petra Lesvos map Napi Valley