Belize & Tikal

February-April 2014

Belize is a former British colony located just to the south of Mexico on the eastern coast of Central America and its small size and very low population density makes it a great place to view neotropical wildlife in a variety of different habitats, from wetland lagoons with their large gatherings of storks, herons, ibis and spoonbills in to tropical rainforests replete with a bewildering array of colourful and spectacular species, from toucans and aracaris to spider monkeys, agoutis and leaf-cutter ants.

Yucatan Jays (Cyanocorax yucatanensis)

In 2014 I spent two months exploring the northern half of the country and reports containing a selection of photos I took can be found in following pages:

pt.1 : Crooked Tree
pt.2 : Crooked Tree
pt.3 : Crooked Tree
pt.4 : Crooked Tree
pt.5 : La Milpa
pt.6 : La Milpa
pt.7 : Crooked Tree Lodge
pt.8 : Crooked Tree Lodge
pt.9 : Tikal, Guatemala
pt.10 : Tikal, Guatemala
pt.11 : Du Plooy's Lodge
pt.12 : Ambergris Caye