Birds of the World

Passerine Bird Families

The major advances in molecular systematics in the last 20 years has caused significant changes in the taxonomic classification of birds. The order used below for the passerine birds follows that proposed in HBW & Birdlife International's Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World vol.2 (del Hoyo & Collar, 2016).

Apart from a restructuring of the order of the families, other major changes in the new taxonomy of the passerine birds compared to that in the print version of HBW (volumes 8-16) include the lumping and spliting of several families. For example, in the new classification, Woodcreepers (formerly treated as a separate family, the Dendrocolaptidae) have been lumped in with the Furnariidae, while the many species in the formerly large Sylviidae family has been moved to form several new families (Acrocephalidae (Reed-warblers); Locustellidae (Grasshopper Warblers & Grassbirds); Scotocercidae (Bush-warblers) and Phylloscopidae (Leaf-warblers)).


Now a subfamily of the Furnariidae


Now a subfamily of the Artamidae


Now lumped with the Sittidae