New Zealand

5th November - 4th December 2005


Blue Duck: The Manganui-o-te-Ao River along the road to Ruatiti is probably the easiest place in New Zealand to see the endemic Blue Duck. Unfortunately, the 2 pairs that I saw were both sitting directly under bridges. As soon as I approached the bridge they took fright before I spotted them and swam at high speed down the rapids, giving me only a couple of seconds to fire off a photo as they retreated downriver.

Blue Duck (Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos)

The river is accessed from SH4, 80km north of Wanganui. Follow the road heading west (signposted Ruatiti), approximately 3km north of Raetihi. This road crosses the river at several places, some of which are open enough to allow views of a decent stretch of river.

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