11th-18th May 2006

Kalloni Upper East River

Rufous Bush Chat (Cercotrichas galactotes)

The upper east river is well known as a relatively easy place to see Rufous Bush Chats. This species arrives quite late in Lesvos and was still in the nest-building stage when we were there.

Rufous Bush Chat (Cercotrichas galactotes)

Rufous Bush Chat (Cercotrichas galactotes)

Most other species already had fledged young and had abandoned their nests, such as the Rock Nuthatches that also nest in the area. Their exquisitely constructed nest blended perfectly with the rock it was stuck to.

Rock Nuthatch nest

Other birds that can be seen in the area included Red-backed Shrike and Crested Larks.

Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio)

Crested Lark (Gallerida cristata)

A Black Stork also flew low overhead on its way up the valley.

Black Stork (Ciconia nigra)


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