September 2014

29th September - 1st October 2014
Bool Lagoon, South Australia

Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis)

Time was marching on and since I had previously spent a month in the southeast on my last trip to Australia, I decided to skip Victoria entirely and drove directly from Sydney to Bool Lagoon, just over the state border in South Australia.

Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis)

Bool Lagoon is a semi-permanent wetland in the middle of a semi-arid area dominated by mallee scrub, and as such holds important congregations of waterbirds at certain times of the year. Unfortunately viewing the waterbirds is not easy (especially since the Tea-tree boardwalk was closed for repairs when I was there) and all of the ducks and Brolgas were far too distant for photography. There was also huge flocks of Whiskered Terns here, but again were too distant to photograph.

Golden-headed Cisticola (Cisticola exilis)

Little Grassbird (Megalurus gramineus)

The reedbeds at the edge of the lagoon, however, did hold several interesting birds, the best of which was a confiding pair of Little Grassbirds who occasionally came too close (<4.5m) for me to focus on them, although it wasn't easy to get a clear shot of them among the densely packed reeds.

Tree Martin (Hirundo nigricans)

Large numbers of martins used the trees around the camping area to stop for a rest when not aerially hawking for insects and both Tree and Fairy Martins were present in more or less equal numbers.

Fairy Martin (Hirundo ariel)

Beautiful Firetail (Stagonopleura bella)

The short vegetation of the roadside verges were a favoured feeding ground of Beautiful Firetails and Singing Bushlarks.

Singing Bushlark (Mirafra javanica)

New Holland Honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae)

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