January 2009

This month's photos are dedicated to the memory of my mother, who sadly passed away this month.

All the above photos were taken in Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Below are a few more photos from December's trip to Peru. The full trip report is in preparation and will be online before the end of February.

Southern Sea Lion (Otaria flavescens) - Islas Ballestas, Peru

Peruvian Pelican (Pelicanus thagus) - Paracas, Peru

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) - Paracas, Peru

Yungas Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium bolivianum)
Manu, Peru

Amethyst-throated Sunangel (Heliangelus amethysticollis)
Manu, Peru

Gigantiops destructor - Tambopata, Peru

Chestnut-fronted Macaws (Ara severus) & Mealy Parrot (Amazona farinosa) - Tambopata, Peru

Giant Bullet Ant (Panaponera clavata) - Tambopata, Peru

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