Spectacled Cobra / Indian Cobra

Naja naja

The Spectacled Cobra is an iconic Indian species that is favoured by snake charmer and is one of the "big four" most dangerous snakes in India. The highly neurotoxic venom of the Spectacled Cobra is fast acting and symptoms present themselves within half an hour, starting with swelling around the bite site. As the toxic effects of the venom take hold, the limbs become weak and uncontrollable sweating, dribbling and vomiting ensue. If left untreated the victim will die of respiratory muscle paralysis within a couple of hours in about 20-30% of cases. This mortality rate may seem a bit low for such a highly venomous species but, like many other snakes, the Spectacled Cobra rarely delivers a full dose of venom during a defensive strike.


All of the photos shown above are of a captive individual photographed in a studio setting.