Sympetrum danae

Black Darter

male - Cheshire, England - August 2007

Black Darter is a species that has a strong preference for breeding in acidic conditions, such as moorlands and bogs, and consequently is more common in the north of Britain than the south.

male - Cheshire, England - August 2007

Worldwide, Black Darters are found in suitable habitat throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  In North America they are known as Black Meadowhawks.

mature male - Cheshire, England - August 2007

Immature males are initially quite female-like in their colouration, but get darker as they age and in mature males the orange markings on their abdomen are restricted to the first couple of segments.

immature male - Cheshire, England - August 2007

immature male - Cheshire, England - August 2007

At only 30mm long Black Darter is the smallest of the European darters.

female - Cheshire, England - August 2009

female - Cheshire, England - August 2007

female - Highland, Scotland - July 2003