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Icteridae : New World Blackbirds

Bahama Oriole

Icterus northropi

Bahama Islands - January 2014

The critically endangered Bahama Oriole was formerly known as Greater Antillean Oriole when it was treated as being conspecific with Cuban Oriole (I. melanopsis), Hispaniolan Oriole (I. dominicensis) and Puerto Rican Oriole (I. portoricensis). Recent research has shown, however, that the morphological and behavioural differences between these populations are sufficient to warrant allocating them all full species status.

Bahama Islands - January 2014

Bahama Oriole was formerly common but it is now only found on the islands of North and South Andros and a survey in 2009 estimated the total population to be only 127-254 individuals and still declining at an alarming rate.

Bahama Islands - January 2014

immature - Bahama Islands - January 2014