Birds of the World

Corvidae : Crows, Jays & Magpies

Yucatan Jay

Cyanocorax yucatanicus

3 immatures and 3 adults - Belize - February 2014

Yucatan Jays are endemic to the Yucatan peninsula and can be found in clearings and the edges of deciduous forests and dense scrubby woodlands. They are noisy, social birds and are usually found in family groups of about 10-15 birds, although flocks of up to 50 in winter are not unusual.

immature - Belize - February 2014

They are unusual in that it is the immature birds, with their yellow bill and orbital ring, that are the most beautiful. The immatures help out with the rearing of the chicks during the 3-4 years it takes them to reach maturity.